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Our Skincare Tips Will Transform You

Years of successful salon ownership and tons of money invested in skincare booths using high end facial products and seeing the results first hand led to the creation of this blog.

Experience with many different skin modalities including expensive skin creams, aroma therapy, light therapy, essential oils, and much more are presented with out tips on using the products.

It can be very confusing for you to choose quality products and select the best facial treatments for your particular skincare concerns, we answer your questions here.

What you need to understand is that any product that you apply to your skin has to be natural-to-the-skin.

In other words whatever you apply to your skin should be pure and not have anything that is foreign to the skin.

The far east and especially Japan is advanced in skin and hair research and product breakthrough technologies that the rest of the world is looks to emulate.

Recently I asked a friend, "Why do you think everybody should use at least try out some the well-known Japanese skincare products?"...to which she replied, "Come closer...feel my skin...how many 80-year old women do you see with skin like mine?"

Her facial skin looks better than most 50 year old women that I know.

Evelyn always has a smile on her face

Wouldn't you have a smile also if you looked that good at the age of 83.

She is the oldest of 4 sisters and yet, she looks the youngest.

We hope to share many, many more hair and skincare tips and recipes and care techniques with your on this blog with the hope that you implement them to help your skin look and feel years younger.